Classes & Curriculum


Academics & Curriculum – To meet the needs of diverse learners, we implement the well-known Bob Jones University, biblically-based curriculum program, through the Multiple-Intelligences instructional approach. We believe that God has created each of our students uniquely, and we take great pride in instructing them from a Christian perspective, while giving them a platform to shine through their individual learning styles.

In our upper elementary grades, we have added Engage Math Curriculum and Discover Science curriculum to our program.

Our Team – Our teachers and staff seek to honor God in all aspects of their work.  Our dedicated service to your children reflects our love for our Lord.

Electives & Enrichment Classes – All students participate in computer class, art class, PE and Spanish class once per week. Additionally, we offer Accelerate, a special class that meets each Friday for our Advanced students.

After School Clubs and Sports – Our students have the option to participate in after school Basketball, Dance, Karate or Soccer once weekly.

Recognizing Achievement – Our end of year Student Award Ceremony is perhaps the most anticipated event on our school calendar. We relish in the opportunity to recognize our students academic successes, extracurricular achievements and character development.