Mission Statement

Building Christian Leaders of Tomorrow

While successfully operating the well-established Precious Promise Academy (PPA) at Christian Life Center, the Lord impressed upon the hearts of Pastors Thomas and Candace Manning to provide superior Christian education that expands beyond the preschool age group. Thus, in the early summer of 2015 Christian Life Academy (CLA) was birthed to reach children from Kindergarten to 2nd Grade. We envision expanding Christian Life Academy to accommodate students in primary levels K – 5th grade.

Candace Manning, our Academy’s overseer, graduated from Southeastern University with a degree in Education. She currently holds a Florida Department of Education Teaching Certification since 1992. She has taught in several schools here in Florida and international schools in Europe. She is married to the Senior Pastor of Christian Life Center, Pastor Tom Manning. She has a deep love and commitment to PPA and Christian Life Center. Mrs. Candace is a mother of 3 boys (in High School, College and Graduate School).

Our paramount focus at PPA has been to educate, nurture, and spread the word of God on a daily basis which will also be our goal at CLA. We are thankful to minister to families of many creeds and backgrounds; we consider it an honor and a privilege.

In the future, we envision expanding CLA even further to accommodate students for in primary level K – 5th grade.

Our Philosophy

At Christian Life Academy, we are dedicated to providing our students with an experience which will enable them to be prepared spiritually and academically in their lives. We believe God has uniquely gifted each child with individual skills, abilities and interests. We desire to inspire a high level of excellence and a strong sense of integrity and faith in the hearts and minds of our students.

It is our goal is to provide classrooms where each child has the opportunity to learn and develop individually and in a small group setting. We desire to create an environment where your child can interact in variety of learning styles.

These learning styles present multiple opportunities of expression including:

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Foreign language
  • Art
  • Sensory stations
  • Reading
  • Physical activities
  • Financial Literacy